about me

Born in Torre del Greco on Nov. 5, 1991, to a teacher mom and radio speaker dad, Gianluigi Iorio is an Italian screenwriter and actor. When he was only 7 years old, he was orphaned by his father, who left him a passion for cinema and a film library consisting of more than 200 films and great classics. While in school, he carved out work spaces of all kinds to help the family, and during the summer vacation period he began working as a tourist entertainer in various locations in Southern Italy. It was on those stages that he broke the ice with his acting career.

Having completed his high school studies, he left his homeland and moved to Munich, Germany.
He stayed in the Bavarian capital for a long 6 years, in which he collected work experience in several restaurants and attended a Sommelier course. Yep, wine, another of his great passions, like that for music and art.
In Germany he also collects experience as a model for several advertising campaigns between Berlin and Munich and as a film extra in several German dramas.


After the studies in Theatre and Film Acting at the „Mohole Academy“ in Milan, he decided to attend several Masterclasses of Italian directors at the „Accademia degli Artisti“ in Naples and began an evening screenwriting course.
In October 2021, he produced, co-directed with Diego Sommaripa and starred as Puccio, his first short film titled „Puccio D’aniello- Dietro la Maschera“.
With the story based on the 1980 Campania earthquake and the mask of Pulcinella, he won his first official award in his directing and writing debut as Best Drama Short at „Europe Film Festival UK 2022.“

Winner Best Drama Short- Europe Film Festival UK 2022

NAPLES 1990.

In a theater several days before a performance in which the victims will be commemorated of the 1980 earthquake, Puccio, an actor in the theater company, relives through the mask of Pulcinella, the death of his mother, a victim of the Earthquake and opposed to his choice to become an actor.

Only once he has finished his work, thanks in part to the costume designer Caterina who is in love with him, will he find forever peace with himself and especially with his mother.



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